Meet #1 and Meet #2 Summary

The past two weeks were the first Meets of the season for our FTC division. Throughout this time, we have really had a chance to learn the ins and outs of our robot and the specific procedures that maximize our successes. In our first meet, we had initially aimed for a higher score (200), but soon realized that it was not realistic. Our highest score that Meet ended up to be 105 points, which actually was the highest score in our division! Our drivers, Samantha and Supreet, as well as our back-up drivers, Abigail and Taha, were able get more familiar with the robot and the controls throughout the next week in preparation for Meet #2. After discussing viable strategies with our driver coach Darren, our team came up with an efficient method and applied it to our second Meet. Our strategies proved to be effective, with our 4th match ending at a whopping 141 points and a fifth match beating that record with 142 points. Our pit crew also played a major part in our successes, with Joey and Darren on standby if anything went wrong. Overall, our Meet #1 and Meet #2 was very successful, and we cannot wait for the next one!

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