Progress Check #1

Mechanical has gotten our launcher working well and accurately hitting the goals! They have recently been working on connecting the intake and launcher together so we can bring rings in and then fire them in one goal. They have been working with Plexiglas for the launcher ramp. The team is making many progressions and moving along well.

CAD Team has designed a working intake ramp! This ramp took quite a while to design but now it easily brings rings into the robot. CAD has also designed covers for gears that cause the rings to be brought into the robot and a claw. CAD has also made many quality of life additions such as motor holders that reduce movement and wobbling.

Programming has made lots of progress on autonomous! The programming team has coded a claw and arm to move up and down, preparing it for grabbing a wobble goal. They have also been working on color sensors. They fixed some errors that came up and figured out how to implement them into the program.

Happy Halloween from Force Green!

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