Force Green Robotics is dedicated to helping out the community whenever we can. We love coaching and introducing kids to STEM and hope to encourage them to pursue their ambitions. To the left is a collection of pictures of some of our efforts. We loved watching our mentees grow and shatter expectations.

Events in Our Area​

We also help out at local events in order to promote STEM and robotics to the younger generation. To the left is a collection of pictures of our efforts in different events. Some of these events include robotics day at the Magic House, Lafayette High School STEM Night, Scoutbotics, and World Wide Technology Raceway. Additionally, we hosted an FTC meet this season at Wildwood Community College with the help of SLSRA.


Helping the International Disaster Emergency Service (IDES), our team built a prototype machine to package meals automatically, making packaging more uniform and efficient. We took it to the IDES headquarters where it was able to successfully package meals for Haiti and is now in further development.


Because of the coronavirus pandemic, we were unable to attend in-person outreach opportunities. Instead, our team created an educational video promoting STEM ideas to the younger generation. We hoped to inspire youth STEM opportunities available and thank first responders for all they have contributed.

To learn more about mentorship and possible collaborations, let's talk.